Limited time offer. Free PPE!

Eligible students training with DTC Training can apply for a free pair of PPE Construction Boots and Hard Hat

Step safely into construction with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for our students who will be working in civil and traffic controller industries. The NSW Department of Education has a limited offer where students participating in eligible FEE-FREE “Skilling for Recovery” courses can apply to receive free Safety Boots and Hard Hat.

Criteria to be eligible for free PPE Equipment

Qualifying Courses

The following DTC Training FEE-FREE “Skilling for Recovery” courses qualify for free PPE Safety Boots and Hard Hat: Traffic Controller and Traffic Implementer, White Card, HRW Forklift, Working at Heights / Confined Spaces, Roller Operations, Excavator Operations

PPE hat and boots

Eligible Students

To be eligible for the free PPE Safety Boots and Hard Hat a participating student need to be enrolled to qualifying Skilling for Recovery course and needs to meet one of these minimum requirements.

  • 16 to 24 years old

    Includes school students undertaking White Card training and who will be continuing into a VET construction pathway or employment in construvtion.
    Please note: If you are already employed in construction you are EXCLUDED from eligibility - see exclusions below

  • or Unemployed or Commonwealth Government Benefit

    Including dependants of a person who is in receipt of a Commonwealth Government welfare benefit


There are some exclusions to the general eligibility conditions above:

  • Already employed in construction

    If you are already employed in construction, you are not eligible for this offer.

  • Eligible for 'jobactive' financial assistance

    If you are eligible for financial assistance from jobactive or other Government assistance to cover the cost of boots and hard hat PPE, you are not eligible for this offer.

  • Already have PPE boots and hard hat

    If you already have this type of PPE, you are not eligible for this offer.

Contact DTC Training to ask more questions about eligibility

Please use our contact page found here, or call us at 1800-795-502 to confirm your eligibility.

Here are the page links for each of the Skilling for Recovery FEE-FREE courses that qualify:

This is a limited offer

We recommend you make enquiries as soon as you can as this offer from Department of Education is expected to finish in September 2021.

traffic control combo course
white card