Eligible learners can apply for fee free training and qualification

Do you meet any of these criteria: Year 12 leaver | Unemployed or at risk of becoming unemployed | 17 – 24 years old regardless of employment status? You may be eligible for “Skilling for Recovery” – Fee Free Training!!

forklift training

Take advantage of future job opportunities as the economy recovers from the effects of COVID-19. Be on the front line for Australia's post-COVID "Skilling for Recovery" with these Fee Free priority and growth industry short courses and qualifications.

Fee Free and Government funded training opportunities will be available in a few different ways.

Sometimes we are able to provide training places immediately as long as you meet the criteria set out by the Government. The criteria will generally focus on a population section such as Youth (17-24 year olds) or school leavers. Other fee free training places require a brief application to be submitted from the participant. These applications put forward an argument for the need / benefit of the training to the participant or business.

In either case, a successful application for the fee free training spot can save the participant hundreds or thousands of dollars. It is 100% worth your time making contact with us to ask if there are funded training opportunities that you could be eligible for.

Here's a small set of training combinations which qualify for FEE-FREE placements

Let us know your training requirements and we will investigate if there is a match with the many FEE FREE opportunities!

Plant Operations

Can include FEE-FREE qualifications in: Excavator Operations, Skid Steer Loader Operations, Roller Operations and more.

EWP working at heights

Civil Construction

Can include FEE-FREE qualifications in: Forklift, Operate EWP and Work at Heights and more

First Aid

Can include FEE-FREE qualifications in: CPR training, basic emergency life support training, and additional casualty management

Traffic Controller

Can include FEE-FREE qualifications in: Traffic Controller, Traffic Implementer, and Prepare traffic management plans and traffic guidance schemes

Skilling for Recovery Enquiry Form
Contact form specific to Skilling for Recovery enquiries
Let us know the preferred time to contact you during business hours, and any other relevant information or questions you may have.

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