A How-To guide: Renew your SafeWork Licence for Free

As part of the NSW Government’s COVID-19 economic stimulus package, a range of licence and permit fees will we be waived until 19 April 2021. Here's how you lodge your application.

Some Good News

It’s not every day you get a financial break from the Government. However, 2020 / 2021 is full of strange days so we’re due for some good news. If you hold a High Risk Work (HRW) licence such as Fork Lift (licence class LF), Elevating Work Platform (licence class WP) the good news is your licence renewal fee has been waived (waiver valid until April 19 2021).

Licence fee waived as part of the NSW Government’s economic stimulus package for businesses / licence holders affected by COVID-19 for applications lodged between 20 April 2020 to 19 April 2021.

COVID-19 Fee Waiver

The NSW Government’s COVID-19 economic stimulus package includes a number of measures that have a positive impact on businesses operating in the construction, transport and civil works industries.

These industries are seen as essential for Australia’s economic recovery as we negotiate our way through and beyond the pandemic. There will be skill areas that are in high demand, and skills shortages that need to be addressed due to the increased demand and reduced immigration.

The NSW Government’s stimulus includes a special 12 month “COVID-19 fee waiver” for a variety of SafeWork NSW work licenses. These licences aren’t just for HRW licences such as forklift and elevating work platform. The waiver also includes areas such as Asbestos and Demolition licence renewal.

EWP High Risk Work
Forklift High Risk Work licence

Follow these steps to apply for your free HRW Licence renewal

SafeWork NSW are the State Government workplace health and safety regulator. Their responsibility includes making sure all workplaces remain compliant with health and safety laws. SafeWork has outlined the following guidance on how to renew your HRW licence.

  • Step 1 - is your licence due for renewal?

    Check your HRW card to see if it is due to expire in the next 12 months. SafeWork will mail a renewal form to you two months before your licence is due to expire. To take advantage of the free renewal you can contact SafeWork on 131050 (then option 2, option 3) and request the National Licence to Perform High Risk Work Renewal Application be sent to you now.

  • Step 2 - do you still reside in NSW?

    SafeWork NSW must be satisfied that all renewal applicants reside in NSW. If you reside outside NSW circumstances must exist that justify the renewal of your licence in NSW. Speak with SafeWork on 131050 if you no longer live in NSW.

  • Step 3 - have these items ready for your application.

    You must take the following items with you when you make your application: Your HRW licence, 100 points of evidence of identity, passport size / quality photograph. The photograph must be no more than 6 months old. The photo must meet passport standards - don't risk it, your local post office can usually take your passport quality photo.

  • 100 Points of Evidence of Identity Requirements

    You must supply 1 of the following primary documents for 70 points of evidence: Australian Birth Certificate, or Current Passport (or within 2 years of expiry), or Australian Citizenship Certificate. In addition, you need 1 or more of these secondary documents to reach the 100 points of evidence

  • Step 4 - you must apply in person at Australia Post outlet

    Take your (unsigned) National Licence to Perform High Risk Work Renewal Application and all the items from Step 3 to your local post office outlet. To avoid lengthy delays, you may be required to make an appointment with the Australia Post outlet.

  • Do NOT sign your application form!

    You need to sign the form at the post office in front of the person helping you

So they’re your steps to renew your SafeWork NSW HRW licence. Currently the fee wavier is set to expire April 19, 2021. If your forklift or EWP licence is due to expire in the next 12 months don’t wait for the renewal application to come in the mail – it might be too late for the freebie by the time it arrives. Follow these steps and get the renewal started now.

Normally you would hold off your renewal for as long as possible because of the $$$. It’s to your advantage to renew early with the COVID-19 fee waiver. You are entitled to start your renewal if the licence is set to expire within 12 months – you don’t need to wait until the last 60 days!